MahjongGirls Fuyo - Bunny Girl 2.0

Source:(C) SUNSOFT

Lovely ladies have come to play! Solve puzzles to complete pictures of them!

A group of lovely lasses storms onto the Android for classic puzzling in the MahjongGirls series!
In "Fuyo - Bunny Girl", Fuyo, the eldest of the Konmei sisters will bewitch you in a revealing bunny outfit!
Solve Mahjong solitaire puzzles with the sexy Fuyo to complete reward graphics!

-Improved interface for easier play!

Puzzles tweaked to no longer require scrolling or zooming.
Tile size and layout makes for smooth, classic-style Mahjong solitaire.
Vertical smartphone interface makes controls a snap!

-Features high-resolution graphics and full voice acting!

The crystal clear smartphone LCD makes sure you can see every detail of the starring beauties.
Hear everything the girls have to say in rich sound.

-Mahjong solitaire from Sunsoft, so you know it can't be beat!

Sunsoft has been making Mahjong solitaire titles for over twenty years, so you can count on great tile layouts and loads of fun!
This version of Mahjong solitaire is also a gal game, meaning that a broad spectrum of players, from longtime fans of Mahjong solitaire to gal game fans can enjoy this title.

Android1.6 or more.
Screen HVGA or more.
HVGA or less , please check by FREE version 'KONMEI sisters'

Last Updated:2011-09-18 15:10:08
File size:7.19MB
OS:Android 1.6 and up

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